Royal Mail Disruptions - December 2022

In light of recent events surrounding the CWU strikes and Royal Mail, we have decided to create a page to address a common query that we have noticed during December. 
To reiterate, whenever our customers receive an email confirming their order has been shipped/despatched, this means that we have handed over the packages to either DHL or Royal Mail. This particular page will solely focus on Royal Mail and is related to their recent November and December strikes. DHL Express shipments are unaffected.
Unfortunately, unlike DHL, when the mailing sacks are picked up from our workshop, a manifest of all the packages is scanned – rather than the individual packages, like it would be if you were handing them to the postal clerk at a local post office. This manifest is designed for businesses that ship higher volumes than personal customers. Any of you with your own businesses here in the UK that utilise the Click’N’Drop system will be aware of this.
Once these sacks are handed over, they’re loaded onto the Royal Mail van, driven to the local sorting hub, placed onto large trolleys to then be opened (since they’re sealed in sacks with cable ties) and processed into the network. Until these sacks are opened and automatically scanned by the equipment used for processing mail into the network, they will essentially show tracking results of “We’re expecting it”.
This is somewhat insane to us because it wouldn’t be difficult, technologically, for Royal Mail to update the status of all the packages contained within the sack via the master barcode on the manifest. It seems so obvious, but simply isn’t how it works. We’ve fed this back to Royal Mail, but, as you can imagine, they’re dealing with higher priority issues.
We just want all of our customers to know that, once you get that email from the store saying it has been shipped, we can assure you that we have handed the goods over. We have copies of your labels and copies of the manifests to confirm which we are more than happy to share with you should you wish to contact us and ask. Please know that we would never mark an order as ‘Shipped’ unless it has genuinely left here.
The Royal Mail CEO sent an ‘Open Letter’ to all customers on December 8th 2022 regarding the recent strikes. You can read it here.
We feel it is slightly insincere though since he is the one causing these problems and treating the Royal Mail staff in this undeserved manner. It appears that he doesn’t understand that it’s the workers keeping this company operating and they must be treated fairly.
Either way, with all of the above being explained, and considering that this is nothing like what we exeprienced with COVID-19 lockdowns, all that we ask right now is that our customers with Royal Mail shipments continue to patiently wait and allow some additional time for the orders to be accepted into the network.
Furthermore, please be assured that we will do our best to implement contingency plans in the event of future strikes, and ensure that we have a ‘backup’ solution for any mailing disruption from Royal Mail.
We are already setting up an alternative solution now that should be operational for when we re-open on December 27th. It’s reliable, if not more reliable, than Royal Mail and should greatly improve our service.
We honestly hate writing pages like this – we really do. We have never experienced such regular striking action within Royal Mail and we can only thank all of you for your patience and understanding.
Just know that we are going to continue keeping you all updated and will work our hardest to prevent any future disruptions or inconveniences to our wonderful customers.
The eCommerce world can be tricky sometimes. It’s even harder when things happen that are totally out of your control. Let’s just all hope that they catch-up soon and this will all be over!
For now, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again for all your patience and I’m really excited to share some cool things with you in 2023! 
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