KR Graflex Collectors Edition DIY Empty Saber Hilt Kit


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Here we have a limited supply of the highly anticipated Graflex saber hilt kits. These have been produced by 89Sabers who many know for their excellent quality saber kits.

These have been designed to accept a wide variety of electronics with ample space for a chassis.

These have a 1″ blade holder. They also have the short, accurate bunny ears. They already have a dedicated AUX slide tab switch solution and include another red button which can be directly soldered for activation purposes. The kits also include a TFA/TLJ eye should you wish to configure for TFA/TLJ.  If you wish to further the accuracy of the TFA/TLJ config, we also offer a non-stamped clamp that can be purchased separately here:

The kits already have the bottom of the Graflex pre-drilled for sound and pre-tapped for attaching the included D-ring or Kobold Clip (depending on your configuration). Please note, the ESB/TFA configuration hides all holes, but, when configured as ANH, there will be some of the holes visible. Also note that, since the kit is for ESB/TFA/TLJ and ANH configurations, the kobold may not line up perfectly with the clamp like see in the movies. It is not big deal at all, but for those looking for the ultimate accuracy we offer a non-vented lower part. It can be purchased separately and you can drill and vent the holes yourself so they’re in the correct location. The link is here:

The grips also already have some double sided adhesive strips pre-applied. Some prefer to attach their grips using other methods. I hear that E6000 glue is also a good solution.

These hilts have been fully replicated as an original Graflex would have using chrome plated brass for the source materials.

This listing is for one kit only. Please note they are supplied as a kit and will require some assembly to suit your configuration. Please be sure to check out the other pictures to see how this kits look when configured. The images show TFA and ANH styles.

Each hilt will include:

1 x Graflex 3 Cell Replica Empty Hilt (includes lower piece, clamp, complete upper and 1″ blade holder)

1 x ANH Configuration Set of Accessories (7 non-angled rubber grips, D-ring and bubble strip)

1 x ESB/TFA Configuration Set of Accessories (6 notched rubber grips with rivet style fasteners pre-attached, kobold style belt clip and 2 styles of circuit cards)

1 x TFA/TLJ style glass eye housing

If you would prefer more accurate cards for the clamp, we have some here which can be purchased in the ‘Graflex Parts’ section of the store:

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Please note all orders are non-refundable. Once you have committed to purchasing this limited run, you are agreeing to these terms. Please do not buy unless you can afford to do so.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for looking and may the force be with you!

Khal (KR Sabers)

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