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Here we have a limited supply of the highly anticipated new KRS Flagship hilts.

These have been designed to now accept a wide variety of electronics with ample space for a chassis and all soundboards. Chassis parts will soon be designed and offered specifically for these hilts. GOTH3D and I are both working on them.

The total length of the hilt is approximately 10.75″. The outer diameter at the grip section is approximately 1.26″.

The pommel has already been vented for sound and the emitter has 6 windows (3 under each shroud) for a fantastic under glow once installed with electronics.

These have a 1″ blade holder and a pre-drilled 12mm hole for adding any 12mm compatible switch, such as the AV versions we sell.

They do not have a dedicated AUX switch hole however one can be easily added. We will soon be releasing a simple 3D printed part which can be used to accurately drill an AUX switch hole.

Please also note, the main body section has been pre-drilled and tapped for a covertec. Unfortunately, the covertec holes location does not line up with the rear of the hilt. This can simply be resolved using an O-ring. However, I assume most will choose to add a leather wrap to their saber, so it may not be an issue for all.

The kits disassemble into 5 parts (1 pommel, one emitter, one body piece and 2 shrouds). You can choose a full aluminium kit or a full brass kit. These have both been precision CNC machined and polished to a mirror finish.

This listing is for one kit only. Please note they are supplied as a kit and will require some assembly to suit your configuration. Please be sure to check out the pictures to see how these kits look when configured.

Each hilt will include:

1 x KRS Flagship Hilt.

1 x Set of Fasteners. (1 x M4*0.7mm blade retnetion screw, 1 x M4*0.7mm covertec button head fastener, 4 x M3*0.5mm button head shroud screws and 2 x M3*0.5mm grub screws)

1 x Copper Heatsink Module for Tri-LED only

1 x Black Aluminium Covertec

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Weight 352 kg
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Aluminium Hilt, Brass Hilt